Cylinder Hydro Testing Services

Structurally weak cylinders can cause serious harm to you and your property. By routinely hydro testing fire extinguishers and other pressurized cylinders, you ensure your fire equipment is safe and DOT-compliant. Contact State Fire for your next hydrostatic test!
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Our Cylinder Recertification Process

Our cylinder requalification facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art testing equipment and highly-qualified inspectors who carefully follow DOT regulations to inspect your cylinders for leaks, cracks, and other structural weaknesses.

While every cylinder will require different tests based on its age, contents, and material, here’s what you can expect during our general hydrostatic pressure testing process.

Step 1: Schedule a Pickup

When it’s time to recertify your tanks, State Fire offers convenient cylinder pickup services. Every three to twelve years, our team will meet you at your home or business to collect and safely transport your fire equipment to our certified hydrostatic testing facility.

Step 2: Visually Inspect the Tank

Before we can complete a hydrostatic pressure test for your tank, our testing professionals first need to look for any structural compromises on the exterior of the cylinder like deep dents, corrosion, weld damages, and more. If any of these weaknesses are detected, your tank is permanently removed from service.

Step 3: Complete an Internal Inspection

Once all the fittings and exterior material pass inspection, our technicians replace the hoses and valve with hydro testing adapters before fully discharging the tank. Our technicians then use an air hose to remove any remaining agent if applicable. From there, we check for pitting and internal flaws.

Step 4: Run the Hydrostatic Pressure Test

After passing an interior and visual inspection, your cylinder can be safely hydro tested. The chamber is filled with water and pressurized above your tank’s pressure rating. During this process, our testers watch carefully for any pressure drops, an indication that your equipment has a leak and needs to be decommissioned.

Step 5: Refill & Record Your Cylinder

If your cylinder holds pressure throughout the hydrostatic test, it can return to service. Our cylinder technicians will drain and dry the tank, replace old fittings, refill your agent, repressurize the cylinder, and install a tamper seal and hose.

To prove that your cylinder has passed routine inspection, we’ll also attach a label to your low-pressure cylinder with information about the person who completed the test, the date, and the pressure at which the test was performed. High-pressure cylinders will get the ID number and date stamped onto the tank.

Step 6: Arrange a Delivery Time

You won’t have to wait months for us to return your fire safety systems. Our advanced testing equipment and skilled technicians allow us to quickly perform hydro tests, so you get your fire extinguishers back as soon as possible. Once we’re finished with the hydro test, we reach out to you to schedule a delivery time that’s best for your schedule.

Types of Equipment We Hydro Test

State Fire performs hydro testing on both low and high-pressure cylinders. Along with hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, we also hydro test restaurant, vehicle, and clean agent cylinders.

  • CNG hydro testing
  • SCBA hydrostatic testing
  • Oxygen and nitrogen cylinder testing
  • Paintball tank pressure testing
  • And more

Who Needs Hydrostatic Testing?

Anyone with pressurized cylinders is required by law to schedule ongoing maintenance and regular hydro inspections. Dependable fire protection equipment helps keep your building and people safe during an emergency. We work with a variety of industries to service your fire safety systems.

  • Agriculture
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Gas & Oil
  • Government
  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • Industrial
  • Surface & Underground Mining (Metal, Non-Metal, Coal)
  • Religious Institutions
  • Restaurants

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Looking for tank hydro testing near your business or home? State Fire has several hydrostatic testing facilities across the U.S. Find a nearby location today!

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