Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Cleaning

At State Fire, we take kitchen safety seriously. That’s why we utilize proven methods to help remove grease and flammable residues from exhaust fans and kitchen hoods to keep your cooking environment safe from fires.
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Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Services

We do the job by the book, following all fire and health codes in your area. Our complete kitchen cleaning system removes buildup from your industrial exhaust fan, vent hood, and ducts by steaming and hand cleaning from top to bottom. After the hood cleaning, our state-certified professionals leave your kitchen spotless by drying and polishing your stainless steel cooktops and safely removing the wastewater from your property.

Why Your Restaurant Needs Hood Cleaning

A properly cleaned kitchen hood can help reduce the risk of a fire hazard, maintain proper airflow in the kitchen, reduce insurance costs, and provide a clean environment for employees and customers in your restaurant.

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State Fire provides kitchen hood and exhaust system cleaning services to a variety of communities. Find out if we have a location near you!

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Ready to protect your commercial kitchen from the flames? Schedule a hood cleaning every 30 to 90 days with State Fire!