Special Hazard Fire Protection Services

We help protect special hazard areas like kitchens, paint booths, server rooms, and other sensitive locations for your business. You can work confidently and worry-free with our dependable fire suppression systems in place. And our fire safety experts are available 24/7 should you require our emergency services.
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Fire Suppression Systems for Hazardous Environments

Whether you’re trying to keep hazard storage, CNC machine shops, commercial kitchens, or paint booths safe, State Fire is here to help. Not only do we sell special hazard safety equipment, but we also install, repair, and maintain of all of our fire suppression systems.

Clean Agent Systems

Clean agent fire suppression systems are best for protecting sensitive rooms that would get damaged by liquids, such as server rooms, electrical rooms, document storage, and more. State Fire uses inert gasses as clean agents that are electrically non-conductive and don’t leave a residue upon discharge.

Kitchen Systems

We install, inspect, and service all types of kitchen fire suppression systems, including top brands like ANSUL, to keep your restaurant protected. Our restaurant services also include preventative kitchen fire safety like hood cleaning.

Paint Booth Systems

Looking to install a fire suppression system for your paint booths, hazard storage, or dip tanks? State Fire specializes in industrial dry chemical fire suppression systems that can detect fire at its earliest stages.

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Thinking of replacing your fire suppression system? State Fire proudly serves many communities across the country. Find a location near you!

Get Fire Suppression Systems for Special Hazards

We help you choose the best fire suppression systems for specialty rooms like paint booths, commercial kitchens, and more. Contact the State Fire team today to learn more about our fire equipment options!

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