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Help fire departments and emergency responders quickly access your building without destroying your property with the Knox Rapid Access System. Contact State Fire to purchase or install your Knox Box in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Northern Nevada, or Wyoming today!

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Why Your Business Needs a Rapid Entry System

Every second matters in an emergency, which is why a wall-mounted lock box that gives rapid access to your gate, campus, building, or home could make all the difference in saving lives and property.

Avoid Property Damage

Unrestricted entry causes less damage. With an emergency entry system, first responders don’t need to forcibly open your door since they have a master key. And the faster emergency responders get inside, the sooner they’re able to shut off fire sprinklers that lead to water damage.

Follow City Ordinances

Your city might require businesses with certain occupancies to install a key box system. State Fire representatives are knowledgeable of your city fire codes and can help you determine if you need an authorized rapid entry system to stay up-to-code.

Manage Speed & Safety

By removing barriers to entry, firefighters can more quickly assist people in need. Plus, emergency boxes reduce injuries to workers and add an extra layer of security to your commercial property with managed key access.

Steps to Getting a Knox Box for Your Building

  1. Check your city requirements for commercial entry systems
  2. Place an order with a State Fire Knox specialist for the correct products and accessories
  3. Gather all items that will be stored in the lock box (set of master keys, elevator keys, alarm panels, sprinkler controls, electronic access cards, padlocks)
  4. Determine with your fire marshal or fire inspector where your box will be mounted

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